President Donald Trump, when we bring our veterans home, shouldn't there ALWAYS be a home for our veterans to go home to?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released an estimate that calculates on any given night there will be 47,725 veterans who are homeless. The true extent of homelessness among veterans cannot be calculated with complete accuracy because some of these individuals fall through the cracks or fail to take advantage of certain safety net programs. This number is unacceptably high even according to the best estimates, and more needs to be done helping homeless veterans get off the street and into their own residence. When veterans are homeless this puts them at risk for many other problems as well. Another 1.4 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.


American veterans have sacrificed and risked everything to protect the country and the citizens of the United States. They have been separated from their friends and families and placed in hostile situations, where injury or death is a very real possibility. In spite of this, the number of homeless veterans continues to rise and not enough is being done as far as actually helping homeless veterans get back on their feet. Yet many people mistakenly believe that since there is a VA (Veterans Affairs) and other government agencies that are tasked with helping homeless veterans that there is no pressing need to do more, but this is completely false. American veterans deserve to be made whole, and to have a place to call home that is their own. As Americans, we owe them this, as well as our gratitude for everything that they have risked or lost while in military service.

V1ST.ORG is working to build The Memorial Veterans Sanctuary to provide ALL veterans with micro-apartment housing until permanent housing can be located. Unlike homeless shelters, each veterans will have their own private room measuring approximately 12 feet in length by 8 feet in width. Each room will include a locker to store clothes. Each room will also be equipped with a television with a wide range of channels including movie channels. There will also be a reading lamp and side table to store things. Male and female veterans will have their own secured floors. Access to any floor will require a special card key. Accommodations will also be set aside for service animals. Each complex will have showers that will enable veterans to shower in privacy. Each complex will also provide low cost washing machines and dryers so that veterans can do their laundry. For those veterans who might have more belongings than can fit into a locker -- no problem: safe, secure storage lockers will be available to store those additional items. A cafeteria will provide at least three (3) nourishing meals at either very low or no cost to the veterans. There will also be a library where veterans can access books, and a computer lab where veterans can access the internet. There will be onsite medical care for veterans requiring assistance. Also a social service office where veterans can meet with a variety of individuals that will work tirelessly to find them permanent housing. Likewise, there will also be a community room where veterans can hang out with other veterans. A theater where stage shows can be exhibited. And a chapel will be on-site so that veterans can continue pursue their spiritual beliefs. Most importantly, veterans can stay at one of these complexes for as long as they need to.

Each facility's exterior will feature a mural of the Iwo Jima stature or similar image. Too, up to two hundred images of soldiers who gave their lives in each of the wars. Those depicted first to be depicted on the exterior will be those veterans who are local to the facility, and then branching out from there. All will be remembered.


Give something back by helping homeless veterans. After everything that they have done to keep us safe and protect our country, they deserve our support now more than ever.

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